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Jess Hurley

All Styles Demo - Jess Hurley
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Hey I'm Jess, I'm from a small east coast town in South, Georgia. Unlike many singers, I didn't start singing or pursuing music until I was 19. I spent a lot of my childhood distressed, depressed, and unable to focus on the things I liked to do like singing. After graduating high school I met a local producer and we started making songs together. I got really interested in production and engineering, so I bought a computer from a friend and I began making my own songs for fun. In 2011 one day I left everything and moved to Colorado. I spent many years learning how to produce and write music. In 2015 I joined a professionally working cover band and for the next 7 years I was able to develop my voice. As an original artist I'm still working on my sound, as I've become a very versatile singer and enjoy singing all styles of music. I'm currently working on new music and hope to continue to grow! Progress takes time, so never give up on the things that bring you happiness.



For those looking for session vocals- See Below:


I'm a Mezzo-Soprano and highly skilled in finding unique melodies and vocal harmonies. 


-Versed in all styles of music: POP, R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Funk, Country, soul, Reggae and many more.


-With over 11 years of experience in studio recording, song writing, live performance, music production, and engineering.


I can provide you with the best possible online experience towards your musical journey as an artist, musician, songwriter, rapper, or producer.


Please contact me directly at:  


Provide full details about your project for a customized quote. 


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